Chiara Young Dedicates “I Don’t Wear Skirts” To All Non-Conformists

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto artist Chiara Young rocks out her non-conformist spirit in new single “I Don’t Wear Skirts.” The track comes with a video where we get to see Chiara wearing a skirt in a mocking way as she rocks out all the pressures and frustrations society imposes on us – especially for women – on how we should look and fit. With “I Don’t Wear Skirts,” Chiara flips the bird and celebrates her freedom to do whatever she wants:

On the song, Young said, “I wrote and produced I Don’t Wear Skirts about not fitting into societal norms. Growing up, I was a Tomboy. I always felt pressure to be more feminine, but being feminine wasn’t, and still isn’t, me. Looking back, I’m glad I never conformed: it made me who I am today. This song is for all the womxn who share my experience.”