Diamondtown’s “Everyday Is Monday” Is Weirdly Optimistic

Shoegazy dream rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Self-described ‘Dartmouth dream rock,’ Diamondtown spread optimism through the most oddly titled song – “Everyday Is Monday.” Normally, the word Monday would make us cringe since it reminds us of the 9-6:30 dread. But the track really celebrates our unfathomable persistence to get through the tediousness and find the energy to get through the hardest times. Layered with gauzy, sizzling synths, “Everyday Is Monday” is a dreamy anthem that keeps you afloat – which makes it the perfect Monday procrastination track:

In their own words, “The title might sound like a bummer but this is quite a hopeful track, dealing with how we persevere through the tedious times in our lives and find strength through adversity.”

The track is from their upcoming self-titled album.