EYJAA Embraces Emotions From All Spectrums In “The Wrecking Crew” 


Photo: PR courtesy

Danish-Icelandic duo EYJAA celebrates all kinds of emotions in new chest-swelling single “The Wrecking Crew.” It’s synthpop tinted with Nordic nostalgia as the sibling duo muse on the highs and lows we all experience as part of our human condition. With its airy riffs and expansive atmosphere, “The Wrecking Crew” delivers a shimmering soundscape of chaotic euphony.

In their own words, “Going through life we all experience challenges that we tend to overthink or simply misunderstand within ourselves. ‘The Wrecking Crew’ is about how you are never alone with your thoughts. Really, it can be just as beautiful to be sad as it can to be happy. It’s just human emotions, and they are not unknown to any of us.”

The track is out now via Capitol Records Denmark.