Kone Mara’s “Highway 1” Is The Soundtrack Of Your Existential Getaway To The Mountains

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Swedish trio Kone Mara speak to our inner desire to go back to nature in their latest single “Highway 1.” Nostalgic, slightly melancholy, and fully dreamy, the track takes the listeners into a roadtrip into the mountains as the lyrics ruminate on lost romance and all the uncertainties we feel around it. Hit play:

“‘Highway1’ is written to portray the journey through a mountainous inner landscape. The song was written in August to prolong the summer in our minds. It was originally named ‘Volcano’, a metaphor for the feeling of being abandoned, thrown in to a deep volcano. In the end we changed it since the metaphor seemed a bit too melancholic.” 

The track is out now via Northbound Stockholm.