Watch The World’s Best/Worst Food Truck In Luke Wild’s “PIE” Ft. Deb Never

And it sells destroyed pies

Still from Luke Wild – PIE feat. Deb Never (Official Video)

Luke Wild and Deb Never become partners in crime in new music video “PIE,” directed by Sean Matsuyama, where we see the duo running a food truck in the most inefficient and enjoyable way. The food truck is a metaphor for life in general as we see the two chefs give zero fs and just enjoy being there in the present. The fruity, hop-hop track matches the playful tone of the visuals as we see the duo serving fun, looks, and destroyed pies: 

“This video is about two misfits running a lackluster food truck, not taking themselves or anyone too seriously, just like me and Deb in real life.”  Sean noted, “we wanted to make a video that nods to early 2000s indie comedy movies with dry humor. We wanted to see how creative we could get with just a single location and the homies.”

“PIE” is from Luke Wild’s upcoming EP Shoebox, which will be out on October 29th via Terrible Records.