Dancing On Tables Defy Distance & Time In “OH”

Alternative rock

Photo: Claudius Ricketts

Scottish quintet Dancing On Tables go against distance and time in their latest single “OH.” Created during their time in the states, “OH” is the byproduct of homesickness as the quintet long for their loved ones but also realize the unbreakable bond that are immune to distance and time. Along with the single, the band has also shared a music video directed by Chris Croft: 

”‘OH’ is a track written on our first-ever trip to the states, during a time where we were still getting used to being musicians. This meant spending less and less time with the people and places we knew and loved and adapting to a new way of life, which is reflected throughout the track,” said co-lead vocalist and guitarist Callum Thomas.

“Despite this, we still wanted the song to have an air of defiance to it to show that love conquers any amount of distance and time. When planning the video, we wanted to get across the beauty of Scotland to represent what we missed at the time but also show how, as a band, we still love playing the track that started our journey to this point. It makes it the perfect song to share with the world before we release our debut album in 2022 as, no matter where we end up, we’ll still relate to how we felt writing the track in the first place”

The track is from their upcoming EP Play Play Play, which will be out on October 29th via Enci Records/LV Music.