Feeling Stuck? Watch DBMK’s New Video “Tough” 

It won’t unstuck you, but it’s a cool video

Photo: PR courtesy

Nashville duo DBMK address the frustrations of being stuck in life in new single “Tough.” The song comes with a video where we see the duo deliver an edgy performance in what appears to be middle of nowhere. Surrounded by graffiti and nature, “Tough” highlights the dynamic energy of the duo as they slam the drums and slash their guitars while reminding you that stagnancy is just a temporary state: 

In their own words, “‘Tough’ is a song about feeling utterly stuck in the place you’re at in life and being constantly overlooked by a world that seems to be moving faster and faster around you. This place that you’re stuck in could be school, a job, a relationship, or a state of mine. Do you have the confidence to get up and change your circumstances?”

DBMK are vocalist Kyle Knudsen and drummer Colton Ward who have been using their music to break down all the facets of the human experience.