Etta Marcus Plays The Eerie Seeker In New Single “Hide & Seek” 

Atmospheric, sinister & chic

Photo: James Greenhalgh 

London artist Etta Marcus has dropped a hauntingly chic and sinister single titled “Hide & Seek.” Inspired by her childhood game, “Hide & Seek” puts you in the shoes of the seeker who is always out there looking for that one individual and never giving up – to the point that feels slightly eerie. It’s playfully dark that you should totally send it to your crush. Jk, maybe: 

“The idea behind ‘Hide & Seek’ came from a weird fear I had when I was younger, which was not being found or being forgotten about when hiding in a game of hide and seek. I was such a good hider that it did happen a few times. 

I wanted to play around with that idea and ended up writing from the perspective of the seeker, who just won’t give up trying to find the one person left hiding. It became dark and obsessive pretty fast after realizing how creepy it sounded. There are lines that sound quite romantic, ‘every time you lay your blonde hair, I’ll be right next to you’, and it’s immediately ruined in the next line, ‘whether you want me’. I loved how playful and sinister it was.” 

Etta will be playing at The Social in London on October 14th.