The Drives Juggle Heartbreak, OCD & Habitual Pain In Debut EP ‘This Might Take A While’

Alt rock

Photo: Jeff Lorch

LA trio The Drives have finally dropped their long-awaited debut EP This Might Take A While where they open up about breakups, mental health, and melancholic monotony. The record opens with their latest single “End At The Door” where the fear of losing a relationship ends up dragging it beyond its expiration date as both parties overlook the cracks. It’s the most chill track of the record and channels the addictive sadness we’re unready to let go of a life we built with someone.

The second track “The Comedown” is a blazing single layered with grand-sized riffs that capture the emotional instability when a long-term relationship ends. While “The Comedown” taps into the ending phase, the following “Tell Me” addresses the beginning stage when you meet someone new and experience the rush, uncertainty, and hope surrounding its potential. In “You Would Always Say,” the band reflects on the uneasy acceptance of knowing that someone who has played a vulnerable role will no longer be part of you. From that breakup phase, they dive into the inescapable monotony that follows heartbreak in “All This Boredom.” It’s a chaotic euphony characterized by quiet interludes of broodiness and explosive bursts of anger. The final track “OCD” taps into frontman Andrew Levin’s longtime struggle with mental health. 

With This Might Take A While, the trio captures their growth from SoundCloud days to a band that can use the lowest moments of hopelessness into vivid works of contemplation where time is both the enemy and remedy.