Yep, The F16s Nailed Our Current Mood With “Sucks To Be Human”

Can a UFO kidnap us already?

Photo: Ashwin Mohan

Chennai, India-based quartet The F16s have dropped their new galactic disco song “Sucks To Be Human.” This is the type of track that you’ll expect alien DJs spin as you party your departure from humanity in a glowing UFO. It’s woozy, sci-fi banger where the band bites into the existential crisis rooted to hopeless capitalism and mindless pop culture. Yes, humanity sucks:

The F16’s Joshua Fernandez shares that the song addresses “Human short sightedness combined with pride and willful ignorance literally destroying the world. Brain dead rotting world of humans whose core existence depends on nothing more than consumerism and pop culture. No matter how many people you are surrounded by, no matter how similar we look, no matter how many similarities we have with other people you just feel like the world is not yours. Society is a hack. Can we please get abducted already?”

The track is from their upcoming new EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet?, which will be out on October 22nd via House Arrest.