Lemonade Baby Reminisces Lost Connections In “Ex Best Friend”


Photo: Brannon Hughes

Aussie artist Lemonade Baby muses on past relationships that have grown apart in new single “Ex Best Friend.” We all lost touch with people due to circumstances such as distance, pandemic, life changes, and more. With “Ext Best Friend” Lemonade Baby blends bounciness with subtle dark tones to capture the longing and nostalgia.

“‘Ex Best Friend’ is about loss and missing someone that has gone away. I feel like everyone can grow distant from one-another and experiencing distance makes me self-reflective. I start questioning myself like; Why didn’t I reply? or How come I haven’t heard from you in a while? 

The reality is we all can get caught up in our own lives and it can make us feel isolated or insecure when we’re on the receiving end. Life is about seasons of change, but sometimes you don’t want things to change, and that’s okay, but it still sucks! 

This song was one of the first few that I initially wrote on guitar and then created a produced version from that. At that time, I had participated in a writing camp and through that wrote with some really cool people from South America. I was introduced to the Dembow music by these guys and was really inspired by the style, so I tried to make an electronic pop fusion.”

“Ex Best Friend” is out now via Mamma Sounds Records.