Margot Polo Invites Us To His Last Year’s Dream Birthday In “it’s my birthday” 

Happy late birthday MP

Photo: Artist courtesy

As odd as the title sounds, Margot Polo’s latest song “it’s my birthday” is literally based on a dream he had on his birthday last year. Despite the fact that our reality in 2020 was mostly isolation, Margot Polo had a very warm and crowded birthday – in his dream. Even his great-grandma, who is no longer on earth, joined the celebration. “it’s my birthday” is based on that vivid dream, a blend of chill wistfulness and woozy aura where the blissful acoustic chords weave you with the once-in-a-year euphoria of reaching a new number. You feel slightly wiser, feel more comfortable with your imperfections, and highly reflective…and your lower back hurts:

Speaking of the song, he commented: “On the morning of my last birthday, October 14th, 2020, I woke up from a dream in which I was around a campfire with all my close friends and family–including my great-grandma, who had passed away just some years ago–and we were all singing the chorus melody of this song. Entirely from this dream, I had almost the whole song: melodies, production, arrangement, entirely laid out for me in my head.”