Pave The Jungle Tap Into The Close-Knit Dynamics Of Small Towns In “Lucky Ones” 


Photo: PR courtesy

Generally speaking, small towns connotate slowness, boredom, gossip that travels at the speed of light, and fights out of the pettiest reasons. But there’s also something we cannot overlook – the intimate dynamics that exists amongst its residents. UK duo Pave The Jungle address that warm, tribal connection in their new single “Lucky Ones.” Blazing with smashing riffs, it’s an edgy alternative rock piece where the duo hit your ears with euphoric aggression.

As Pave The Jungle’s Rachael Whittle puts it, “Alongside the expected truisms of small towns: boredom, insularity, alcohol abuse, petty feuds and violence; the song hits upon some of the virtues, as well. A strong sense of identity, belonging, and close-knit community. Things that are so innately human, but so easily lost in the haze of modern life. 

The song took shape very late one night in my old flat, hence the calmer vocal style. When we got to the studio we thought this suited the track, and so it stayed.”

The track is from their upcoming EP Waiting For Nothing, which will be out on November 26th via Cow House.


5th – The Grayston Unity, Halifax
6th – Base Camp, Middlesbrough
7th – The Salty Dog, Northwich
11th – Three Wise Monkeys, Colchester
12th – The Fiddler, London
13th – Paradiddles Cafe, Worcester
14th – The Dark Horse, Birmingham
16th – Independent, Sunderland
18th – Gullivers, Manchester
19th – The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
20th – Hot Box Live, Chelmsford
25th – Cafe Indiependent, Scunthorpe
26th – Little Buildings, Newcastle