Ramonda Hammer Address Our Complex Social Media Relationship In “All For What” 


Photo: Kelly Reed

LA-based quartet Ramonda Hammer hit us with their first track of 2021 titled “All For What” where they ruminate on the love/hate/surrender relationship we have with our social media. Bringing the classic flavor of 90s grunge, “All For What” showers you with melancholic, blood-rushing percussions that channels both the frustrations and acceptance we all have towards our online profiles. Produced by Sarah Tudzin (aka illuminati hotties), “All For What” arrives in a time where we are reflecting on our online habits more than ever.

“‘All For What’ is a reflection on social media and the frustrations, mental health struggles, and sometimes sheer confusion that come along with it,” said frontwoman Devin Davis. “It’s not meant to be a critique on others and their use of it, it’s simply my sigh of acceptance and surrender as I think to myself  ‘if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.’”

To celebrate their new track, the band will be playing their headline show at The Echoplex in LA this Friday, October 22nd