The Lagoons Hopscotch Between 90s & 70s In “Madness” Ft. Jelly Ellington 

Rock dipped in pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

If you’re wrestling with serious nostalgia cravings, then The Lagoon’s latest single “Madness” ft. Jelly Ellington is our prescription. Bringing the classical aura of 70s rock into 90s pop, “Madness” sounds everything retro as the duo time-travels you from one era to another. Lyrically, it taps into how love prevails despite all the craziness that surround us. “Even through all the craziness going on all the time around us, love will always be there to help us get through bad times,” they explained. 

The track is from their upcoming album It’s Madness, which will be out later this year.