DEJA Ups Any Ex In Her New Unapologetic Banger “Like That” 


Photo: Lily Sadin

DEJA drops another ear-stopping anthem titled “Like That” where she empowers us with a ditch-your-fucking-ex attitude through a bouncy hybrid of hip-hop and pop beats. The track boxes you into that specific time of your life when you’re dealing with a dipshit ex who just tries to kill any positivity in your life. With “Like That,” DEJA snaps back with a self-loving anthem that embraces her own beauty, worth, and inner boss while pointing the stiletto nail of her midfinger to the sky for her ex to see.

“Ever been dating someone and they start moving a bit stoopid? That’s what ‘Like That’ is about. This song is for when you ditch that deadbeat, put on your sexiest outfit and show your ex what they’re missing. I’m not one to get too deep with feelings so ‘Like That’ is playful. Nostalgia from an old nursery rhyme served with that DEJA attitude,” explained the gal.