daste. Take Us Through A Journey Of Self-Discovery In New LP ‘dusk&dawn’ 


Photo: Dominic Gould

Aussie trio daste. have finally unveiled their long-awaited LP dusk&dawn, a collection of 10 tracks that include four previously unheard singles “dusk,” “home for tea,” “light on,” and “dawn.” Throughout the record, the trio put us in a soul-searching mode as they face all the uncertainties, chaos, monotony, and growth they experience. Check it out: 

Speaking of the record, daste.’s Braxton Tahi commented: “What dusk&dawn means to me is a journey of realization. Throughout this album I discovered a lot about our sound and identity as artist. Each song on this album portrays a character we all relate to some way or another. As for our sound, I feel like nothing really changed, we just grew. And we’ll continue to grow with more albums, more songs, and more journeys under this one-of-a-kind sun.”

daste.’s Tyler Harden added: “It always felt right that we would release an album after our first two EPs, and we were so excited for the challenge of creating a larger, cohesive piece of work. The first track that we wrote for the album was ‘either way’ and was also our first release for the album in late 2020. The idea for ‘either way’ was the duality and contrast of the hard times that we face with our hopeful visions of the future. These hopes that we have are represented by the inevitable rise of the dawn (“It’s alright, it’s okay. The sun will rise either way”). We loved the concept so much that it put us on course for the six months of writing for the album. dusk&dawn represents the duality of life: good and bad, life and death, happiness and sadness. It is the contrast between the two that helps you appreciate and provide the context for the parts of life that you cherish, which is a never-ending cycle, just like the rising and falling of the sun. We featured the sun in all of the single release artworks and in the album artwork.” -Tyler Harden

The trio will be playing several shows in the next few weeks:

Friday, November 12th -Elsewhere, Gold Coast

Friday, November 19th -SolBar, Maroochydore

Saturday, November 27th -Black Bear, Brisbane