For Awkward Run-Ins With You Ex, Play Skarma’s “Saturate” Ft. Quails 

Say hello to your new stranger aka ex

Photo: Gabriela Renee

Rising Aussie artist Skarma joins forces with fellow Canberran artist Quails in his new dance single “Saturate” where he captures that awkward, unwanted moment of running into your ex who has been downgraded to stranger status. You’re both avoiding eye contact, but feeling the burning side looks from everyone else in the room who once knew you as a couple. Yep it’s weird and uncomfortable – the only thing you can do is to play “Saturate” and dance this out: 

In his own words, “It is speaking to a breakup of people who share their life together and their friends. The chorus specifically is talking about the moment where the two people are out at night, and are in the same place. They don’t speak to each other but know each other are there and that weird animosity. How someone you once loved becomes a stranger.”

“Saturate” is available everywhere now.