Teddy Failure Capture Our Inner Kid In White Collar Chains In “Stoner” 

Hilarious and sad

Still from Teddy Failure – Stoner (Official Video)

Teddy Failure channel our inner child interacting with the mundanity of the adulthood in new video “Stoner.” At the beginning, it’s quite hilarious to watch this kid go through the motions of an office job, enduring dreadful meetings and empty dates before realizing that he is living your life. Yes, say hello to another Friday existential crisis. According to the duo, “‘Stoner’ is about escaping from all the expectations everyday life puts on you – to just do whatever u want and not care about what other people think.”

Speaking of the video, they added, “The ‘Stoner’ video aims to show how you can feel misplaced in everyday life, sometimes wishing you could do and be something else.”

Teddy failure are Teo Runsiö and Frans Torell, who met while studying at the same arts school and bonded over their mutual love for 2010s hip-hop. With more music under their sleeves, they’ll be hitting your playlists again in early 2022.