Mall Girl Get Drunk On Fizzling Fantasies In “Bubbly Cool Drink”

Art pop

Photo: PR courtesy

If you’ve ever indulged in the fantasy of being in a cooler place, then you’re not alone. Norwegian quartet Mall Girl channel such wistful moment in their latest single “Bubbly Cool Drink,” a delicate art-pop piece stitched with buoyant strings and consciousness-biting lyrics where the quartet ruminate on our instinctual desire to look for distractions that resemble some level of our fantasy. Think about all the times you seek for certain drinks, foods, and other pleasures that evoke the feeling of being in your fantasy island of your dreams – “Bubbly Cool Drink” is about such fleeting distractions that leave you a bit sad afterwards:

“It tastes sweet, it’s bubbly and it makes you forget your worries, but if you have too many bubbly cool drinks you’ll feel all out of balance by the end of the night. In your drunken haze you realise that you long for more than just drinks with miniature parasols, you actually want to be under a parasol on a beach, with an uncomplicated life and a wholesome relationship. Somehow your fantasy of better times is what’s keeping you afloat and maybe one day you’ll drink your bubbly cool drink in the Bahamas rather than a stingy bar somewhere in a rainy, cold town.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album, which will be out in spring 2022 via Jansen Records