Matt Ryder’s Captures Our Weird Love For Complicated Relationships In “Lips”


Photo: Milly Cope

Birmingham-born, London- based artist Matt Ryder takes us through the complicated emotional labyrinth of messy relationships in hi latest single “Lips.” With smoky ambience and stretchy croons, Ryder crafts a bittersweet atmosphere that channels the irresistibility and heartbreaking nature of such situation. If you ever found yourself being blamed by your partner AND yourself for something that was your partner’s fault, this song is the sonic face slap (and auditory treat) you need to put your shit, sanity, and life together: 

Speaking on the inspiration on the track, his own words, Matt explains; “I feel as

though ‘Lips’ is almost a love song but far from. When writing it I began to see a lot of decay

in my trust for other people and the ones I cared for, people closest to me were turning their

back on me and I felt strangely ok with it, their loss aha. But yes ‘Lips’ came from a place that should’ve been the least lonely situation but actually showed itself to be one of the most

isolating times of my life, the person I was dating had so much control over me and I didn’t

know how to feel when they would do something wrong and intentionally make me take the

blame or the fall. Weirdly I loved it, I think it made me feel something and at a time I was

very numb. So pretty sad really. But overall dealing with these issues through creating run

saved me and made me see what was happening around me.”

“Lips” is out now via Ryder’s own label Melo / EC30.