DAYTIME TV’s “Hush” Is For Those Who Practice Intermittent Intimacy

Inspired by a porn documentary

Photo: PR courtesy

UK quartet DAYTIME TV shower us with explosive barrage of gutsy riffs and hilariously heart-breaking lyrics with their latest single “Hush.” The track was inspired by a porn documentary that frontman Will Irvine was watching and it’s a glorious delivery of rock’n’roll that is fueled with unconventional, time-restricted romance…it’s like emotional intermittent fasting:

In his own words, “So I was sat in one night watching a Louis Theroux documentary about the porn industry in America. Gotta love Louis. It was kind of a spotlight following people in that world and what their day to day lives are like. I was totally hooked in by this one couple, the husband of which worked a 9-5 office job while the wife was building a successful career in porn…. They were being interviewed separately about their relationship and how they cope with it all. The guy said something along the lines of ‘she’s so busy going to different shoots most days, it’s like she can only love me on the weekend.’ Quotes like that are like gifts from above to us songwriters and quickly inspired the chorus line ‘you only love me on the weekend.’ I tried to put myself in this guy’s shoes and write from his perspective.”

The track is from their upcoming debut album Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching, which will be out on February 25th via Allotment label.