Don’t Worry Navigate Through Existential Romances In “Crushing Weight” 


Photo: PR courtesy

Essex act Don’t Worry capture that lightning moment of unintentional epiphany when you realize you’ve fallen for someone in their latest single “Crushing Weight.” It’s a woozy indie piece that also dissects the existential side of emotional attachment and all the hefty vulnerability that is ready to enter your system. Check it out: 

“It’s about having an uncomfortable realisation or epiphany, and how hard that can hit you, often at the worst of times. Like when you’re just about to fall asleep on a school night. The panic that ensues, the dread, and the temptation to just bottle it up and ignore it,” says co-lead singer Samuel Watson. “Even in the most mundane of instances, these feelings can make you want to dissolve into a cloud of smoke. But you know that sooner or later you’ll have to face the music. It’s also a song about how powerful and important it is to be in love, and how that’s sometimes all-consuming,” he continues.

The track is out now via Specialist Subject Records.