Mel Blue & Lola Scott “You’re The Worst Thing To Happen To Me Since 1993” Is Exquisite

Best. Song. Title. Ever.

Photo: PR courtesy

By Pres Dean

Sydney-based act Mel Blue teams up with Lola Scott in their latest single “You’re The Worst Thing To Happen To Me Since 1993” – an exquisitely crafted piece of Xanax pop that chronicles the story of a couple whose flame has died and now they’re in a complacent relationship. But we’re not here for the heartbreak (sort of) but for the mellow buoyant tune that keeps you levitating in the frissonland. This is a track that you could play all day on-repeat and never get tired of it:

Mel Blue’s Oscar reflects on the track, “I hear this happening in relationships a lot. Where both parties already know they don’t love each other anymore, but the thought of being alone is more scary. I’ve definitely been in this situation. You start to become bitter at the end and it can leave things on a sour note… The idea of being so close to someone and then letting all that go. Is really depressing. That person was one of the closest to you and then they almost become a stranger. Down the track as you start thinking back to being together it’s almost like a dream, you can’t remember what it’s like to be with the person. Basically breakups are tough!”

Lola Scott adds, “Writing with Mel Blue feels like writing alone. Like our brains are connected & we hear similar things in our heads. It’s pretty rare to find people with similar music brains… that’s why they’re my favourite people to work with. This song for me was written about a combination of different romantic relationships. It’s about the kind of relationships that work great behind closed doors but when you introduce them to the rest of your life they just don’t fit. Maybe you don’t get click with each others friends or one person is needed than the other. Maybe you don’t have that much in common so you just let it fizzle & fade out. But then you also miss the intimacy so you ‘fall back to bed by the weekend.’”