Slouch Online’s “This Is All Just Part Of The Show” Is The Dance Lo-Fi Song You Need Now

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LA rising artist Slouch Online does a seamless job of combining dance and lo-fi genres into one delicious song called “This Is All Just Part Of The Show.” It has a breezy fluidity to it while the chorus add concrete rhythmic layers giving it a buoyant edginess. Out now via Mammal Sounds Records, the song addresses how in the grand scheme of things, our present moment is just part of a larger show: 

“This song, like many of my other songs, came from me just exploring and trying new sounds. I came across this sample pack and was immediately inspired by one of the samples. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the drums, but I knew it needed to be upbeat, so after a few hours of tinkering and messing around this is what I came up with. After the beat was done I kinda just freestyled/wrote the lyrics.

A lot of the time I just make music based on intuition and sometimes I don’t even remember how it all came together. Other times it’s very intentional and I’m trying to make something specific or draw from certain emotions or experiences. 

The message I am trying to convey in this song is that this is all just the beginning, everything that is happening is all a part of the ‘show’ whether people are aware or not. It kinda plays on the idea that the audience may not understand this chapter or part in the ‘show’ until the next part comes to provide context or that AHAAA!! moment.”