If You’re Lost In Transience, Play TESSEL’s “Telephone”

From debut EP ‘Family Time’

Photo: Casper Buijtendijk

Utrecht quartet TESSEL takes us on a beachy, surreal journey of clashing existential thoughts and waves of doubt in their new single “Telephone.” The track is from their debut EP Family Time, which is also out now. With a semi-slacker mood, “Telephone” muses on all the hazy thoughts and doubts that start seeping into our minds as we go through existential transitions. It’s deep:

In their own words, “Telephone displays a story of a boy in his mid-twenties, trying to find out how to deal with transience (vergankelijkheid). As in a dream, he describes how it feels to go out for a walk on the beach at night, how it feels to hear the sound of crashing waves in the distance, to feel the cold air touching his skin, and to know that life has just started, to know that it’s never too late to make a change. “Moving in the dark as we watch it fade, stuck in the middle of the night on the beach.”

Check out the EP here:

TESSEL are Levi Oostermeijer (lead vocals and guitar), Joshua Bredow (Guitar), Jens Wierckx (Drums and backing vocals) and Thijs van Zutphen (Bass and backing vocals).