What Happens At The Club, Ends Up At warner case’s “alone with you” Ft. Didi Han

Dance x Khouse

Photo: Artist courtesy

American producer/DJ warner case teams up with Korean artist Didi Han in his latest single “alone with you.” Combining both English and Korean lyrics, “alone with you” is a hip-shaking groove that gets your dance juices flowing in a risqué disco motion. The track captures that priceless moment of finding your dancefloor soulmate whom you’re meant to share a lot of rhythms, sweats, and endorphins:

On his latest single, warner shared: “‘alone with you’ is the internal dialogue of soon-to-be soulmates on the dancefloor. Even from across the room, though strobes and fog and sweating bodies, they know they’re meant to be.” 

Didi added, “Gret and I are trying to express something that happens in the club, boys and girls…”