Get Ready To Dance & Maybe Cry With Betta Lemme’s ‘Ready For The Weekend’


Photo: Alexis Belhumeur

Canadian artist Betta Lemme has unveiled her sophomore EP Ready For The Weekend, out now via Ultra Music. The record finds Betta reflecting on the fluidity of norm – whether it be love or the notion of happiness, she shows us that our perceptions are far more malleable and fragile than we think. The record opens with the new track “I Love The Weekend” that is deceitfully upbeat as Betta’s sticky, mantric chorus keeps your blood flowing. But once you really start processing the lyrics, you can start feeling the anxiety that hides beneath. “‘I Love The Weekend’ is about trying to convince yourself that you love the weekend when in reality you’re home trapped in a depression and wish you could get out there but can’t bring yourself to feel good,” shared Betta.

Speaking of the influence behind her new EP, she explained: “I remember being a kid and going to school, and looking forward to the weekend. But as I grew up, I noticed how the work week would take my mind off of real life depression or anxiety. I began staying busy or keeping busy as a means to stay afloat in order to power through these emotions. I started to notice myself feeling worse as time slowed down on a Friday afternoon. Ready for the weekend (even though it sounds like something to be excited for) was more of a way of hyping myself up for the two days that felt like silent agony.”