If You’re Missing True Human Connection, Play VHS Collection’s “Space Between Us”

New wave pop

Photo: Artist courtesy

Perhaps it’s the pandemic, social media, or just the overall hermit trend, but if you’ve been longing for authentic human connection then you’re not alone. VHS Collection’s latest single “Space Between Us” captures the desire to find real connection through an ethereal soundscape tinted with melancholia. Infused with the gauzy air of new wave, the track buoys its listeners to a pensive state of longing. 

“‘Space Between Us’ is immersed in the desire to put aside the trivial things in life and be at peace with the one you love. We wrote this song several years ago but hadn’t come up with a production we liked. The version you hear now is the result of several attempts, combining electronics and a pop-goes-new-wave groove with influence from U2’s ‘With or Without You.’”

The track is from their upcoming album Night Drive.