Joker’s Hand Embrace The Forbidden In “Goth Girlfriend”

Reverse psychology is real

Photo: PR courtesy

If you’ve been told to not do certain things during your teen years, chances are you’ve done them. LA duo Joker’s Hand capture such reverse reactions in new single “Goth Girlfriend,” a playful punk rock piece where they chant about embracing your inner rebel spirit and doing whatever your heart desires despite all the pushbacks you get. The video depicts your dream goth girlfriend, whom people around you would normally disapprove. Through explosive riffs and cathartic choruses, “Goth Girlfriend” sends a sweet fuck-you to everyone who tries to disapprove your romance (or any decision in general) that are really none of their business.

Speaking of the track, vocalist/guitarist Kevin Kawano explained: “I grew up in a conservative household where I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos, and talk of sex was forbidden. But deep down inside I always knew my heart craved darkness, so I got me a goth girlfriend.”

The track is from their upcoming EP All-American Rage, which will be out on December 7th.