Benji Lewis Drops New Chill Summer Pop “Unwind”

Even if it might be winter in your side of the globe

Photo: Teressa Liane

Aussie artist Benji Lewis injects us with summer vibes through his new single “Unwind,” a chill pop piece where he indulges in the carefree freedom and warm optimism that we start finding again. Although it may be winter in your side of the world, “Unwind” is still a much-needed piece that we could all use to chillax:

In his own words, “‘Unwind’ is a song about hope and freedom. It’s about moving onto better things, knowing there are brighter days ahead, living in the moment and just letting it all go. 

The song feels like freedom and summertime to me, and for a while I just didn’t feel we were in the right place for this song to exist, but as we start moving into some of that here in Australia now, it just felt like the perfect time to share it with everyone. 

I wrote this song with Maxwell (aka Golden Vessel) in Brisbane during the start of 2020, just before Covid started spreading around the world. I sat on it for a while because it just didn’t feel right, but now it feels like a really nice time to release it. I’m back home in Australia right now with my family and close friends, and as we head into summer I’m looking forward to those long beach days, going for drives and just being able to move around more freely again.”