If You’re At Crossroads, Then YIBBY’s EP ‘Tangent’ Is Your Life Soundtrack


Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney artist YIBBY has unveiled his new EP Tangent, a record where YIBBY overcomes any uncertainties and doubts despite all the weird transitional and crossroad stages we go through. The EP includes his focus track “Amount” where YIBBY is joined by London songwriter Chanel Loren whose vocals add a soulful oomph to the track check it out: 

On the EP, YIBBY shared: “On this one, I really wanted to build from the last and take it to the next level in all aspects. Tangent is about knowing where you’re going and trying to reaffirm it regardless of the crossroads. It is quite personal in a lot of the experiences but the essence and inspiration is largely universal. I really enjoyed bringing this project together with ‘CO’ and the artists involved to create a soundscape that I think is its own. I started this one late 2018, I like to live with my projects for a while to see if I still feel they resonate, rather than quickly turn things around. It’s a timestamp for me. So it’s a rewarding but challenging part of the process.”

On “Amount,” YIBBY added: “Me and Chanel have worked before and It’s always really tight, she has such a quirky voice and it always brings the track a lot of flavour. ‘Amount’ is a little more out of my comfort zone stylistically but it’s a direction I really enjoy taking as I listen to a lot of smooth music. I like the way this one ebbs and flows with the pace, it takes you along for the ride. The lyrics get pretty personal but I try to keep things a bit light as well, I feel like that’s my approach to romance too.”