ABISHA Unveils New Video “Numb”

Vulnerable & visceral

Still from “Numb” video

UK artist ABISHA has revealed her latest video “Numb” today. It’s a dark, intimate look that invites us into the most vulnerable corners of her mind as we see ABISHA wrestle with her own mental health. The stunning visuals and isolation of her surroundings accentuate the private and often lonely nature of our own mental battles. Check it out:

In her own words, “Despite ‘Numb’ having a fairly dark meaning, the production of the track somewhat lifts it and helps it not feel too heavy or negative. This is really important to me because I want people who can relate to the lyrics of the song to feel seen and not alone, and to know that it gets better. That dark place that they may be in will turn to light.”

Be on the lookout for more new music from ABISHA in 2022.