Solis’ “Sunday” Is Dream Pop On Psychedelic Steroids

A track on the frustration and stagnancy of life, youth, etc.

Photo: Tom Witts

By Pres Dean

Manchester-based, Irish artist Solis has unveiled her latest piece “Sunday,” a dream pop single dipped with the gauzy and kaleidoscopic colors of psychedelia. Lyrically, the track dives into the frustrations that the youth faces when they’re wrestling with feelings of stagnancy, reality vs expectations, and other growing pains problems. “Sunday” invites you to take a step back and really have a think on what you can control and let go in order to exercise more freedom and be at peace with yourself – this is some deep shit. 

“‘Sunday’ is about always focusing on the future in the hopes that tomorrow might be better,” shared Solis. “The lyrics describe suppression in vocalizing how you feel, while also feeling overwhelmed by the concept of having a time limit or age expectation for certain life experiences. The chorus is more of recognition of this behavior and holds excitement for a free lifestyle. It explains how sometimes life expectations can actually make you take steps backwards, rather than progressing forward if they’re not true to how you feel. “