Helena Gao Reassesses Gratitude In New Single “Beach House”

Totally chill song

Photo: Frederik Lykkeberg 

Helena Gao muses on the notion of gratitude in an era filled with over-sharing and endless consumption in her latest single “Beach House.” The track comes with a video filmed and edited by Helena herself and Frederik Lykkeberg where we get to see her enjoying the sun-bleached sand. “Beach House” is a chill, piano-fueled piece – which isn’t surprised consider her classically-trained background – where we’re invited to take a break from the tunnel vision of obsessing over things we don’t have.

In her own words, “The song is pretty much about my curiosity about upper-class lives. Something I feel a lot of people are interested in due my observation that we’re often hyperaware of what we don’t have but seem to forget what we do have. This unfortunate human trait is the core of the song, and even though the beach house owner is the focus, I think many of us with middleclass backgrounds are guilty of ungratefulness as well.”