Cloakroom’s “A Force At Play” Is About Music Or Homemade Booze

Or both

Photo: Vin Romero

Cloackroom has announced their new album Dissolution Wave, arriving January 28th via Relapse Records. The record’s release coincides with their tenth anniversary as a band and is largely based on a story of an asteroid miner who songsmiths at night. Along with the news, the band has unveiled the single “’A Force At Play” as a preview of what we can expect. Check out the video directed by Colorshift and Cloakroom below: 

In guitarist/vocalist Doyle Martin’s words, “The miner is talking about ‘bottling lightning beams,’ which is a new take on the old music industry term ‘lightning in a bottle,’ which can pertain to a fire ass track or a good bottle of homemade booze. As you can imagine, bottling lightning is a pretty hard thing to do.”