Litche Muses On Our Disconnection Dilemma In “Bad Connection” Ft. Yibby 

Indietronic hip-hop

Photo: Taliah Darcy-Shaw

Aussie artist Litche recruits Sydney rapper Yibby in his latest single “Bad Connection,” where they dissect the modern dilemma of disconnection that we’ve been feeling as humans. It is an ironic tragedy that we’re all facing in an era saturated with technology that is meant to feel us closer to one another – yet, we’re experiencing more divisiveness. Through drizzling synthesizers and smooth wordplay, “Bad Connection” delivers an introspective space for its listeners to ruminate.

In his own words, “The name ‘Bad Connection’ came naturally as one of the first samples I started to build the track around was a crackling phone voicemail recording. I felt like it would be cool to continue the theme with other sounds, using feedback effects, distortion and saturation. I really enjoy taking an interesting sound or sample and building a musical story around that. It was a lot of fun piecing it together, it felt like new territory which is always exciting. In a world where we are more connected than ever, sometimes it feels like on the inside we are becoming more disconnected and divided than ever. To me, the sounds in this track convey the stress and peace that come while trying to balance this new level of ‘connectivity.’”