Allegories’ “Pray” Will Give You A Hodgepodge Of Emotions

Experimental noise

Photo: Artist courtesy

Canadian duo Allegories have unveiled their latest single “Pray” – an experimental, noise piece that scratches some of your deepest corners of your subconsciousness. The track induces a hodgepodge of feelings – you can feel sad, happy, meditative, or numb while “Pray” plays in the background. It is the type of song where you discover something new every time you listen to it depending on your mood. 

Speaking of the song, Allegories shared: “We often want songs to make us feel one specific feeling. This is my ‘happy’ song. This is my ‘sad’ song. This song makes me feel like dancing. This is my workout song. This is for when I wash the dishes. ‘Pray’ doesn’t function in an uncomplicated fashion, mainly because it was written and recorded over many years. Each new iteration added new emotional layers, sometimes not relating to the version that came before. Every Allegories composition is created from moments of spontaneity and trying to stay true to the state that you’re in whenever you’re recording. A menagerie of feelings. Owing as much to the overt sincere as it is the insincere.”