LANNDS Box Us Into A Fleeting Moment Of Connection In “HITEM”

Nostalgic and dreamy

Photo: Artist courtesy

LANNDS is the project of Jacksonville-based duo Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace. Their latest single “HITEM” is a dreamy piece filled with wistful aura as they nestle us into a rare moment of connection we find with another person fully knowing that it won’t last. Tinted with nostalgia, the track is a slow-burning piece infused with comforting melancholia that walks you through the art of letting go mindfully:

“This is a song about meeting someone and trying to be in the present moment even when you know things won’t last, ” Rania explained of the work. “It’s about accepting things as they are with someone you feel like you’ve known before and feeling some sense of nostalgia in that. In some way, it’s also about listening to your intuition and letting things go with the flow and if that means letting go for the time being then that’s what needs to happen.”

The track is from their upcoming EP lotus deluxe, which will be out on February 11th via Run For Cover.