Elias Boussnina Looks Back To All Of His Addictions In New Album ‘Intervention’ 


Photo: Frederik Lentz

Danish artist Elias Boussnina opens about all the addictions he’s had in his life in his debut album Intervention. Think about substances, pleasures, people, certain emotions, money, power, love – whatever that has absorbed you completely. Intervention is a collection of songs where Elias becomes transparent about his own dependencies and the waves of highs and lows he’s wrestled. The EP includes his new single “Been Fru”, a playful fusion of pop and R&B that is peppered with elements of EDM. 

“I’ve always tended to become really easily addicted to things –and without realizing it myself. Addictions are very exciting to write about and pretty quickly I knew it was gonna be a recurring theme for the album. ‘Been Fru’ is pure thought-frenzy. It’s a look back on all the things that used to feel just right but doesn’t anymore –about finding your path in life,” shared Elias.

Intervention is out now via United Stage Records.