Jennie Harluk Takes Us On An Eerie Date In New Video “Just Like That”

Somewhere between horror film and romcom

Photo: Liberty Jae

Love can either end up as a romcom or horror movie – for Canadian artist Jennie Harluk, it’s a mixture of both. Her new video “Just Like That,” out today, finds the poptress setting up the perfect date as her crushee sits across her experiencing some kind of hostage situation. It’s comical, maybe a bit eerie, and really brings out Harluk in a new light. In the best and scariest way:

Speaking of the song, Harluk shared: “The song paints a picture of a girl who has her eye on a guy and wants nobody else but him. She fantasizes about how he loves her back, the dates they’ll go on, their future. She has an abundance of confidence in herself that truly leads her to believe this guy is going to fall for her and life will be perfect. It’s flirty, fun, edgy and sweet all together…we’ve all had that crush at some point we just want really really bad, what’s the furthest you’d go to get them to like you back?”

On the video, she explained: “As flirty, cute and girly as the lyrics in this track are – I myself am not like that in real life. I’m not a giddy, boldly flirty person when it comes to people I’m interested in. I really struggled with how to approach the visuals for this track, especially as that’s something that usually comes quickly to me. This new flirty girly style of lyric was so fun and catchy, and edgy in it’s own way, so I wanted to find a way to really bring out the edginess. I’m a big fan of thriller and horror movies, new and old. I love crime TV and podcasts about true crime. From the lyrics in the bridge of the song ‘You can run but you can’t hide, just like that you’re gonna be mine, we’ll have fun we’ll never fight, if I can’t have you I’ll lose my mind…’ sparked an interest in approaching this song in a much darker, thrilling way as opposed to flirty and sweet. I was inspired by the video ‘All Your Exes’ by Julia Micheals – and wanted the video to take on a horror movie-esque feel and an almost uncomfortable sensation for viewers. The girl in the song is so in love, she wants the guy, she’s obsessed, she’ll do anything to make him hers. Which ultimately leads us to watching her carefully arrange and set up a beautiful date, preparing everything to perfection and her satisfaction with her work. We watch as she takes out roses, candles, cake, and maybe a few too many knives… she’s sure he’ll love what she’s prepared for him – and if he doesn’t, he’ll be sorry.”