The O’My’s Unveil New EP ‘No Swimming’ With New Single “Dragon” Ft. femdot

Alternative R&B

Photo: René Marban

Chicago-based act The O’My’s have unveiled their new EP No Swimming today. The record navigates through love and loss while dealing with pandemic-induced isolation, relationship tests, and rediscovering simple joys. The EP includes their new single “Dragon” ft. femdot, where they reminds us of the priceless art of gratitude. 

“This group of songs are all reflections on human relationships when viewing them in their absence and in isolation. There’s a tug of war between faith and trust, you need to protect your heart, but also need to have it open to find joy,” explained The O’My’s Maceo Vidal-Haymes. “Working on songs so deeply tied to human connection in the dead of the pandemic was, in many ways, cathartic and healing. Looking at these complicated parts of our lives from different perspectives gave us new understandings and taught us patience.”

On “Dragon,” Vidal-Haymes elaborated: “‘Dragon’ as a song has many beginnings. The first few lyrics were ‘I’ve found, finally found what makes me, makes me want to sing.’ Ironically, the week after penning these lyrics, my voice was gone for many months, and for a time, I could not speak at all. This time was the cause of a lot of self-doubt and fear for the future. Fast forward, Nick began playing a new chord progression that summoned these same lyrics and melody out of me again. The song is about celebrating who and what we have in our lives today, what we have lost, and what we aspire towards – all of which cannot be reached without love.”

No Swimming is out now via ADA and Warner.