Cloakroom Invites Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone In “Lost Meaning” 

From their upcoming record ‘Dissolution Wave’

Photo: Artist courtesy

Cloakroom has unveiled their latest single “Lost Meaning,” a track that invites all of us to step outside of our comfort zone and get in touch with our inner core. The track is from their upcoming record Dissolution Wave, which will be out on January 28th via Relapse Records. Check it out: 

In guitarist/vocalist Doyle Martin’s own words, “Lost Meaning,” is “the beginning of our traveler’s expedition. It’s the first step out of your comfort zone into unfamiliar territory. When you cross that threshold what do you take with you to maintain some sense of the Self? If anything, leaving for a ‘land of silver gilt’ is referring to a gilded age, an egocentric near-future our protagonist is tasked to meander around which of course mirrors our own. Our humble songsmith is singing to the Spire and the Ward of Song, the great filter, the barometer of creative thought in this universe. With any luck, they’ll be acknowledged and their voice won’t get lost in the discordance of meaningless creativity for the wrong reasons.”