Skøien’s “Breathe” Is A Sarcastic Reflection Of Her Former Self

Alternative R&B

Photo: PR courtesy

Emerging Swedish artist Skøien looks back to her former version with newfound sarcasm and confidence in her latest single “Breathe.” Peppered with R&B sparks and soaring over a jaunty electropop production, the track is a contemplative and dynamic anthem that jumps back and forth in time. 

Speaking about the song, she explained, “I wrote my track ‘Breathe’ in a very sarcastic way, to portray the way I now think of myself in my past relationship. It was a very tumultuous chapter of my life, so getting out of that and writing this song almost gave me a little bit of closure for that relationship. Although it might just be one of my many coping mechanisms, I love to make fun of myself in that situation because I’ve now been able to move past it, with this song I guess.”