Radley O’Brien’s Debut EP ‘When Your Father Couldn’t Dance’ Is A Collection Of Queer Lullabies

And we’re digging it

Photo: PR courtesy

Philadelphia-based artist Radley O’Brien has unveiled his debut EP When Your Father Couldn’t Dance, a collection of vulnerable and coming-of-age record where he looks back into finding his own identity as a queer individual navigating through the chaos of everything. Recorded during the first 2020 lockdown, the EP swings between hope and despair as O’Brien comes into terms that life is confusing yet beautiful AF. 

Along with the EP, he has also shared a new video for “It’s Gonna Get You Just When You Think It’s Gone” which you can watch below:

“This was a time characterised by an endless abyss of time, alone in a bedroom and sometimes a back deck in Austin, TX,” said O’Brien. “For me, the only way to cope with the suspension of familiar reality was to fully plunge into a creative practice and finally catalogue the years of obsessive and absurd voice memos I had logged in my phone. I watched old movies on my little TV/VCR, ate PB&J breakfast sandwiches on biscuits every day, and regressed into a strange sort of musical womb. To me, when it’s at its best, I hope the record feels like being tightly squeezed between the alien and the intimate. This isn’t a party record. It is a feeling helpless lying in bed with headphones on at the end of a weird night record. Queer lullabies crafted in a makeshift womb.”