Snøw Talks About Music, Making It, & Other Things

An interview with the Salem artist

Photo: Gabriela Santamaria

These past few months, we’ve been living in a Snøw-storm – and we mean that in the best way. The Salem native has been taking over the lo-fi scene with his latest singles that have taken us on an emotional rollercoaster. Think of heartbreak, breakup, self-tough love, and empowerment. Snøw, aka Samuel Morales, has been making music since middle school but didn’t take it seriously until years later. And like many Gen Z artists, he started by uploading music on YouTube. After a few viral hits, Snøw started making a name for himself as part of a new generation of artists ready to revolutionize the lo-fi genre and beyond.

We had the chance to talk to the master himself on his music, creativity, and other random stuffs.

Was there an event in the past that decided to make you pursue music? Did you have any doubts about it?

There was nothing specific that made me start perusing music. Did I have doubts? Of course I did. This is a hard ass career to follow and there are so many risks that have to be taken. There will always be people hating and talking shit and putting doubts in my head. So of course I was doubtful before my career took off. 

For someone who is new to Snøw, what three songs do you recommend for them to get to know your work?

“Blaming Me For Us”, “Summer Nights” and “Vete Ya”

If the moniker “Snøw” wasn’t available, what are some alternative names you would’ve taken?

imnotsad. Just my regular boring name which is Samuel Morales 

We previously featured “Blaming Me For Us” and “Another Lie”, which were both dope. Which one was the most challenging one to make and why?

“Another Lie” was definitely much harder, because I feel like I did more vocally on this track than on “Blaming Me For Us.” I sung much higher in “Another Lie”! 

“Another Lie” taps into facing a tough reality, even though a lot of us would prefer to avoid and procrastinate the issue. Have you ever been in that type of situation? If so, how did you overcome it?

Yeah of course, I procrastinate in general. But, when it comes to something more serious I tend to push it off because of how anxious it makes me feel just by thinking about it. But you can’t run from something forever so, I’m working on dealing with problems in a better way. 

Tell us a bit about your creative process – how many songs do you make in a year? How many of them actually end up getting released?

I make a shit ton of music because I get easily inspired. I get ideas and am usually able to write a song quickly. No cap I have so many unreleased tracks. I can’t give you a specific number, but when I’m not occupied with a project and a schedule I drop music whenever I want. There was a point last year where I dropped a song every week for months straight and it was fire. 

What is your criteria for deciding which song gets released and which ones don’t?

I don’t really go through a process. If I enjoy what I made and I think people will also enjoy it then I just drop it. But, I have made a few very deep personal songs about true traumatic situations that I been through. I don’t think they’ll ever be released because they’re so personal but who knows what my mentality will be in the future. I might just release them. 

Photo: Kaytlyn Justo

You tend to collaborate frequently with Skinny Atlas and it seems like you guys have a good bromance going on. If you were both stranded on a desert island, who do you think will survive the longest and why? This is purely hypothetical.

LMAO, Skinny Atlas is my brother that why! I mean I’d do my best to have bro survive with me but I think I would survive longer haha. Weird fun fact about me— I’m like a doomsday prepper so the day any type of apocalyptic shit goes down, I’m ready. 

The world ends tomorrow and you decide to throw an apocalyptic party tonight. What song will you choose as the opener? And which one as the closing song before we all die in flames? 

“Egotistic” ( unreleased ) as the opener and “Helpless” ( unreleased ) as the closing song.

imnotsad Snøw is stalkable on Instagram.