Lycio Play Modern Flirting’s Tug-Of-War In “I Wanna Know”

Alternative pop

Photo: Vanessa Whitaker

UK trio Lycio takes us through the tricky game of emotional tug-of-war in modern day courtship in their latest single “I Wanna Know.” It’s a blood-rushing, risqué piece where the 80s-tinted vocals paired with the bouncy bass and synth chords deliver the dance of uncertainty that everyone goes through in modern day flirting. So if you’re sweating about what emoji to send, play “I Wanna Know” and maybe stick to non-edible emojis if you’re unsure:

Of the track, Genie explains, “This song is about navigating flirtation in modern society. Whether it be understanding the boundaries, signals, whether a person is interested or not. It’s something that we can never be certain of, because, well, we’re not mid readers. Not only that but it also touches on not knowing who should make the first move.”