Album Alert: Spector’s ‘Now Or Whenever’ Is Out Now

Minimalistic yet rich in flavor

Photo: Callum Lloyd-Jones

Spector, aka Fred Macpherson and Jed Cullen, have unveiled their latest album Now or Whenever, out via Moth Noise. The new record finds the duo settling for a more minimalistic yet delicately rich approach where they shift between introspective moments of serenity to rhythmic flow.  

Speaking of the new record, Fred Macpherson said: “Now or Whenever is the simplest, most minimal album we’ve made. We wanted to see if we could pull off a version of our sound with fewer bells and whistles, reflecting the spirit of our live show and love of straightforward songwriting. It’s a celebration and commiseration of our roots as a guitar band, and maybe a palette cleanser for whatever we do next. Lyrically it deals with time, place, memory and the way they affect each other – now, whenever, forever.”

Jed Cullen added: “Every year we say it’s now or never then ten years later we’re releasing a new album and I think it’s definitely our least bad album, So far! I think it is distinct and honest and has a character that I won’t quite understand for another few years. what I do know is it reflects this period without really acknowledging it directly, like learning about the dark ages by digging up pottery. There are songs on here which go further than we ever have and some that don’t go quite so far but go there well.”