Cy Dune’s “Against Face” Is A Smashing Treat To Your Eardrums

50s rock meets primal punk

Photo: PR courtesy

Meet Cy Dune, the explosive project by artist/producer Seth Olinsky who is known for co-founding Akron/Family. Kicking 2022 with a new single titled “Against Face,” Cy Dune is addressing the ways we have gotten caught in the rat race culture. Flooding us with splashy drumbeats and bursting synths, the track keeps you suspended in a blood-rushing momentum.

In his own words, the track is “a sort of ranty, self-aware sincerest jab at the modern cultural techno rat race problem we humans all have, with a little nod to ‘No Fun’ from The Stooges.” Olinsky adds, “But ultimately, as with much of Cy Dune songs, the new track represents fun with music’s societal forms more than a hardline ideological perspective, and fits mostly in line with the truly committed aspect of the Cy Dune music again and again to Energy Music and its positive impact on humanity”

“Against Face” is the title track of his upcoming record, which will be out on March 3rd