SRSQ Goes On An Introspective Surf In “Someday I Will Bask In The Sun” 

“I’m waiting to destroy my life / To become sunlight”

Photo: Leigh Violet

SRSQ (aka Kennedy Ashlyn) takes us surfing through the waves of reflection in her latest single “Someday I will Bask In The Sun.” Produced by Chris Coady (Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), it’s a gauzy palette awash with drizzling chords and breezy choruses that navigates through the ups and downs we all experience in the emotional plane. But SRSQ does this with the self-awareness and comfort of the temporary nature of everything – even the shitty chapters of our lives. 

In her own words, it is “a song of reflection, acceptance, and the possibility of hope. It is about coming to terms with the inevitability of harsh emotional cycles without subscribing to a predication of doom. The song reflects on the perpetuity of turmoil, but embodies the notion of surfing – rather than being pummeled by – an ever-crashing wave.”

The track is from her upcoming new album, which will be arriving in the spring. She’ll also embark on her European tour soon.


13/05/2022 DE Darmstadt Oetinger Villa

14/05/2022 DE Jena Cafe Wagner

15/05/2022 CZ Prague Underdogs

16/05/2022 PL Lodz DOM 

17/05/2022 PL Warsaw Pogłos 

18/05/2022 PL Gdańsk  Drizzly Grizzly

19/05/2022 DE Berlin Urban Spree 

20/05/2022 DE Cologne Blue Tile 

21/05/2022 NL Nijemegen Merelyn

22/05/2022 NL Utrecht Db’s

24/05/2022 UK London Moth Club

25/05/2022 UK Manchester White Hotel

26/05/2022 UK Glasgow Audio 

27/05/2022 UK Liverpool Kazimier Stockroom 

28/05/2022 UK Bristol Strange Brew

30/05/2022 FRA Paris L’international   

31/05/2022 DE Fribourg Slow Club 

01/06/2022 DE Munich Rote Sonne

02/06/2022 AT Wien Kramladen

03/06/2022 DE Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen 

North American dates tba…